This is Ralph the Rat my first small
creature that I`m going to add
movement to.
If you look close you will see the mouth opens & closes.On the left its closed and
on the right it opens.
Here Ralph is chilling out and boom. Next he`s looking at you for his next meal.
A few servos & some cables should bring Ralph to life .
A front view of Ralph and on the right is the waist hinge . Both the jaw and the
waist move smooth and freely.
I can`t wait to give this guy some skin. The idea & wire frame was made during a
Show on TV. I don`t have a clue what the show was about? Heres  Ralph with his
new skin.
I still have to paint him but I think he is just about done. I have red/green leds in
his eyes. You can see the three wires in the picture on the right.
You can see the mouth opens & closes. I`m going to hook a servo to it so he bites.
He will start out on all four legs then pop up on to legs.
Heres a side view of him standing up.
On the left the eyes are red and on the right there green. I picked up some two
color leds at Radio Shack some time last year and used them in this guy. I going
to have some fun controling all my stuff this year.
I used a spring to give him a little snap when he drop back down to four legs.
This is a top view of the back. I wanted to add some hair but I think this guys
done. Maybe the next one. More to come.