Here`s my new project Ratdog. The pictures show the frame made of wire. I used a piece of tubing as a
support slot in the center. You can see the 1/4" tread rod holds the wire frame in the air. This made it
easy to build the frame and add the latex later. I have a link some were showing how I made the stand.
More frame pictures.
Here my pup gets some skin. I use paper towers ripped into pieces.( don`t use anything to cut the
towels the jagged edges blend in better) Once I get the towels ripped I us a brush to paint on  latex. I
just cover a small area at a time. Than I add the paper towel. Let it dry  then cover the whole thing with
another coat. Keep doing it until the skin is a thick layer of latex. It drys fast ( get a fan to blow over it)
and  the latex goes a long way.
The skin is white because the latex is wet. Once it drys it gets yellow. The first coat will soak into the
cotton but once the second and third coat dry it`s pretty strong stuff.
Here the latex is dry and it has the yellow color. Once you get to this point you can use the brush to add
lines or add more cotton and build or smooth out areas.
I couldn`t wait to make smaller eyes for this guy. These eye were going to be used in a skull. But I
think they work. There also a link on my
Project 2003 page on how I made the eyes.
Here some pictures of the finished body with claws.Just have to paint him.
Back view and eyes powered up. After he`s painted the red showing thru the head should be gone. I may
make one more dog for this year.
I made his mouth blood red to really stand out and his teeth have glow in the dark paint on the tips.
This is a side view with exposed ribs. I also have glow in the dark paint on the tips of his nails. I plan on
filling his chest up with foam to give him some guts.
The other side with ribs.