Heres some pictures of the Slimer frame before skin.I add wire to surport his arms later on.He`s going
to hang above people so I`ll make to connecting points before applying the skin.
Here he has a base coat of green. I plan on air brushing him green with yellow highlights.I still have to
work on his eyes,hands and add gums around his teeth.
I add some gums to his mouth. I also filled him with foam so now he`s got a solid body. His arms can
bend to any position.
The finished Slimer hanging the way I plan on using him.You can also see the stand I use to build
things still connected on the bottom. I have to get a better camera because these pictures really don`t
show the detail and the wire frame really shows more. I`ve to check him under black lightt.On to the
next project.