I wanted to make a new slimer prop that would last a long time, so I'm going to use fiber glass &
resin over a wire frame covered with foil tape. The foil tape is really nice to work with and it
holds what ever shape you put it in. Above is the quick drawing I made to use as a guide. On the
right is the wire frame covered with some tape. Once I added the tape to the wire I shaped it
more by adding some more tape on the inside of the wire frame. I actual didn't have to go nuts
with the wire frame because the foil hold the shape you mold it to.
Here are some pictures of the first coat of resin & fiberglass. I only work a little area at a time.
More of the first coat and on the right is the second coat with more tape on the lower belly. The
main thing is to keep the rolls in the belly pretty close around the front. Once the resin drys this
prop will last a long time. I think he may need some paint touch ups.
Tthe third coat is dry  and its already rock hard. I'll sand any rough spots down and build up any
low spots with bondo. The arms will be removable for storeage. The eyes will be made of glow in
the dark hot glue with led in them. I was thinking of making him into a crank slimer with moving
arms but that may be another prop.