He is some pictures of this year pirate project.Above you can see one of my four pirates. This one works the
ships wheel. You can see the wheel in the picture on the left.On the right is a close up .
Here is my some pictures of my anchor made of foam base and a hot glue skull paint black and white.I tied a
rope to it and hung it on the side of the boat.
More anchor. The ships wheel that spins. I was going to make it move with a crank but I ran out of steam.But
it does move with the wind so thats cool. I made it from one training wheel ,some foam and scrap wood. I also
used one big hot glue skull and 8 small hot glue skulls. The sheet hanging in the back ground on in the right
picture  is my boat.
Side view of the wheel and the training wheel support.
More wheel  back view. And on the right are my two canons which will be mounted on the ship. I used foam to
make the canons.
The pictures on the  left are the mounts for the canons.I was going to make hinged doors that opened and close.
And on the right is my wine bottle for my drinking pirate. Its made of foam and is now painted green.I ran a
hose thru the center.
Some of the over-sized guns I made out of foam for some of the pirates.
The  boys from the patch hanying out by the pool. The pumpkins on the edges have led eyes. The wheel again
the wheel turns but the skull doesn`t.
Here is the start of witch #2 body building. The head has a dougie in it. So they will be chanting. You can see her
sister in the picture on the left in the lower right hand corner.