Bring Spider Monkey's to life
My plan is to make some more Spider Monkeys with some servos so there move a
little. Above are 4 head that I'm making with the big one 3" wide 4" high & 6"
long from front to back. The Little one is 2" wide 3 1/2" high and 4" long.
The eyes are going to move back & forth and the jaw will open & close. The eye
are made of hot glue.
The monkey on the left mouth is the only one that doesn't open & close. On the
right is a view of eye movements from the back.
Here are some of the eye before I installed them in the heads.
I haven't build up the back of the head yet so I could install the eyes.
The eyes move smooth and on the right if you look close you can see how there
connected together.
Above you can see how I made the jaw joint with just two loops and you can also
see the loop at the back of the jaw that gets connected to a servo.
A close up of the jaw connection.
Here is another jaw connection made of wire wrapped around wire. This jaw also
works smooth. And notic the loop at the back of the jaw that the servo connect to.
Here is a close up of the eye before I installed the connecting rods.
Each eye is smaller than a dime
You can see I added the connecting rods to the eyes and the link that connects
both eye to the servo. On the right I placed the link in place.
Again the link in place on the left and on the right I cut and looped the wire to
connect both eyes. Now I can install these eyes in a monkey. More to come