Here  some of the supplies I used to make the skulls.Two sizes of wire to build the frame.And latex and
paper towels to cover the wire frame with.The latex I buy from Monster Makers Inc for 39.50 a gallon. The
brushes I get from Habor Freight Tools for something like 4.99 a bag of 36 . The lemon Ice container is full
of water to keep the latex on the brush from drying. For more on making wire frames see
Making Elves
some pictures of the wire frames I made.You can see I have installed servos in all heads that will operated
the jaw for the talking movement. I got the motors from  the Mondo tronics Inc.( Robot Store).
More pictures of wire frames.In the second picture you can see the wire used to move the jaw up and down.
If you look close you can see the  white cam on the motor that connects to a piece of wire that connects to
the back of the  jaw. This piece of wire  and the motor make up the mechanics of the skull.
Here is the back of the heads. The jaws are just connected at two points by loops ( like a key on a key chain).
The jaw opens and closes easy with no force.