Toby show at 8:30 am on my birthday
so we went out for a few beers that night.
Toby hanging out with some of my creatures in my work shop(the laundry room).
We took the subway to Coney Island to check out the beach.
Here my son Brendan help out a little. This was the hotest day of this summer
reaching 99 degrees. That big tower is the Parachute Ride thats a Landmark now.
The picture on the right is Toby with Astroland in the back ground.
We went on some rides and if you look
close at the picture on the right  you
cans see the blue bag that Tobys in
under my right arm. The big guy in the
blue shirt is my little guy. We also stop
at Nathan's for some Hot Dogs and
We stopped by Dante's Inferno but didn't go in because my little guy wasn't into
it. No way I was letting him stay outside by himself so I'll make it back here one
day. I took some pictures of the outside set up
It looked like they take care of it and it only cost $4 a ticket.
The end of the visit we stopped for bagels & Coffee.