I know it`s not the best drawing but It will work .I want to use two UV leds as
spot lights for prop faces and hands. I wired up the leds then I ran the wires thru
some 1/4" black plastic tubing so you won`t see the wires. I also plan on putting
some stiff wire in the plastic tube so they can be bent to light the face up but not
block peoples view.I`ll be using relays and a sensor to control when it lights.I also
plan on using a wireless remote in parallel so I can operate the leds thru a remote.
Above is my UV spotlight that I uses to see how to set up leds on my displays. All
I did was wire 8 or 10 uv leds up each with its own resistor and connected them to
a common power suppy( 9 volt battery). I use this when I`m applying glow in the
dark paint and to install uv leds on props. Its also great for finding things that
glow. Cool little toy. Just becareful around other people. I use uv leds just for
props I would never use them pointed at other people.
The two pictures above are from my pot holder prop they show how the skulls
under the pot glow using 4 uv leds. Thats two leds on each skull. The pictures can`t
really show you how great the effect really is. For under a dollar I placed uv
lighting in a prop with very little easy.
I just placed the led wire under the prop to hold them in place for the pictures
above. I  will be mounting them on the base hidden behind rock & skull for the
finished prop.I just wanted  to show how easy they are to use.
No there not bells thier mini uv spot lights using uv  leds. I used the top of whip
cream cans to hide the leds with a little help from my hot glue gun.
I glued some wire to the cap ( the red thing) so the spot can be positioned. I plan
on using them to highlight areas of props thru out my display. In the picture on
the right the spot could be made to look like a flower or a snake. Add some of the
vine leaves I made the spot on the right could be a hanging plant bud.
This is a close up of the spot.Pretty easy to make and cheaper that a big light
fixture that just throw light everywhere you don`t want it. This unit has 5 leds and
cost about a dollar.( thats if you steal the cap. whip cream 2.99 a small can) I got
the uv leds on ebay. Some places sell you the resistors for a penny  apiece . The
picture on the right is one of the spot lights on a skull I had laying around. I`m
going to paint some black and add leaves so they look like flower then I`ll stick
them in the ground by my tombstones.
This is what the uv spots look like after some leaves. I plan on making the stem
darker. I think nobody will know what they are. I going to use these as vines
hanging over my witch prop.If anybody want to make some of these check out my
making vines page.
More vines and some film can spots. I only us a few leds because I just what enuff
uv light for the prop. More to come Frank