Heres some pictures of  vines I`m making for my pumpkin heads. I still have to add some more latex
and paint them.
The first thing I did was cut out some leaves. I used a hand towel that I folded over a few times. At the
edge of the fold I drew half of the leave shape. The picture on the right show half the leave shape on the
towel. I did this so when I make one cut I get a few leaves.
In the  picture on the left  you can see I made two cut but made four leaves. The right show more leaves
in different sizes.
I cut a piece of wire about 6 inches long.Then I took the wire and pushed it thru the center of a leave. I  
ran enough wire thru the leave to bend it so I could wrap it around itself to make a stem.
In the pictures above you can see the wire wrapped around the stem. I did this to prevent any sharp
points that could cut someone.
After I made a few leaves with stems I used a brush to lightly coat one side of the leave with latex.I use
a piece of foam as a base so the leaves wouldn`t bend.
Another picture of latex being applied to the leave. Then I use another piece of foam as a base to hold
the leaves up as they dry. Notice the type brush I use to paint the latex. ( I get them from Harbor
Freight cheap) After I finish using it I  wipe it off with a paper towel and put it in a cup of water. The
water keeps the latex from drying so I could use the brush again. I just wipe it off  before I use it.
after they dried I added latex to the other side.Then I give each leave one more coat. Once they dried I
cut a 15 inche piece of wire for the stem. I randomly wrapped each leave to the 15" wire.Once I aranged
the leaves to my liking I applied a coat of latex around the stem. You can see this in the first two
pictures on top of the page.I haven`t paint them yet. You can also make your own crazy leaves. I got
pictures of vines and used them as a model. As I make more I`ll Post them.