I wanted to make a creep wingthing that looked like a bat but looked a little like a
dragon. Above is the two bodies I made out of foam. I put two hole thru both
bodies. One hole for the wings and the other for the legs. I found a great glue for
foam. Its called gorilla glue and it foams up a little as it drys. I can`t beleave how
strong the joint is. This opens up a whole new door for me using foam.
Back to the creature. I forgot to take picture of this guy. He has a wingspan of 6
feet and he hangs be the two claw like fingers on his wings. I made each wing have
4 finger like claws. One on top of the wing and three on the bottom so it looks like
he has two big claw hands.
Theres also a cool long tail and some sharp teeth.
I have to work on the face a little. More to come.