I`m redoing my witches from last year. The only thing I kept from last year is the
heads & the wood stand. This is going to be thier last year because next year I`m
going to make the witches with more movements. The first thing I did was mount
the heads & arms to the wood stands. Then I build a wire frame for the chest and
shoulders. The witch above is the one that stirs and you can see the arms are
connected to the wood base by some wire. This makes the arm move easyier when
shes stiring. She short with a wide body as you can see .
Here is the back view. I drilled holes in the wood to connect the wire so the whole
frame is pretty strong. I use different wire sizes to build the frame. I use bigger
thicker wire to build the over all frame and then I use smaller wire to fill it in.
On the left you can see the left arm connection to the wood. On the right you can
see I put tin foil in the caldron to add to the light thats inside.
Here are both chest covered with paper towel & latex. The taller witch on the right
has a boney chest that I first made the rib cage then added some skin behind the
I just got thru adding a fresh coat of latex to both chests. The latex drys darker
then it looks. The arms and face are the same color.
Here is the back views of both. Yoy can see I didn`t apply any latex to the inside
or back of the chest because the only thing I`m going to keep after Halloween is
the heads & hands.
This is the what the chest look like before I add the rags to make up there clothes.
I`ll use some hot glue around the edges of the latex to attach the rags.
I just have to air brush the ribs on the tall witch and add a neckless to the other
witch. Also do some work on their hair.  I`m going to work on the caldron a little
next. More to come.