I used a 1/2" PVC tee as the base. The jaw opens & closes and the eyes will also
The neck is made up of a U joint with a 1/2" piece of pvc on the top that fits into
the bottom of the 1/2" Tee. The bottom of the U joint fits in a 3/4" coupling that
will connect to the 3/4" PVC pipe I`m using for a base. I have to make the two 3"
round pieces of 1/4" plexi-glass to attach the springs too. On the right is a close up
of the eye.  The eye it self is made of hot glue that I put in to a mold. Once it dried
I hot glue a piece of wire in the center of it. I also added the  rivets to both the top
and bottom of the eye so the eye will move a little smoother. I will use two more
rivets so the eye will move freely  
A better look at the eyes.
Heres how I plan on laying out this neck joint. I used a Hole saw to cut out my 3"
plexi-glass disk. Then I used the center hole from the first 3" hole saw to use a
smaller hole saw to cut out the middle. I did the same for the other disk but I used
a different size hole saw for that center. I`m going to epoxy them together later.
I made extra 3" plexi-glass disk for the next project. When I find something that
work I make a bunch of them so when I feel like building the parts are made. Its
also easy to do a bunch at a time.
Heres the wire frame of my next victim. Another zombie for my grave yard.
I added eyes to the head & some springs to the neck joint.
On the left is my neck turning movement. It just an old shaft & a bearing I pulled
from some old equipment. The top of the shaft is glued into the 3/4" pvc pipe and
the bearing is mounted in the couplin with a little epoxy. It spins nice and smooth.
I used some wire to hold it in but its not going anywhere. On the right is the U
Joint from Harbor Freight. The springs that are on the U joint help hold the head
up pretty good.
Above are some pictures of the neck mechanics. I added the servo rack and
hooked up the mouth. Next I`m going to do the eyes and then the head noding
motions. For the head turning I`ll use one servo behind the neck mounted above
the servo rack.
I connected the eyes to a servo and they operate ok. I use wire ties to keep the
cable together so the wire in the cables ride smoothly .
The picture on the left shows the two servos that operate the noding and back &
forth movement of the head. On the right is the servo that turns the head.
Above are pictures of the eyes. On the left is the back view and on the right is the
front. I painted the eyes black first to prevent the red from the led from showing
thru. After the black drys I paint it with white paint so when the led is on the red
shows only thru the center of the eye. This makes the eye movement look really
Above are some pictures of the neck movement. I used one servo to push the neck
to both the left and right. I have a shaft & a bearing I had lay around that worked
really well for this. I just used epoxy to hold the shaft & bearing in the  pvc pipe.
It spins really smooth. You can see I used pieces of wire to connected the servo to
the pvc. I like to use stuff I have so cost is really down on this project.
I`m using my hand to operate the head turning servo in the above pictures. This
was easy to build and I may add another turning joint like this at the waist but it
will be moving more weight so it has to be stronger.
Heres a drawing of the neck turn mechanics. I added two pieces of flat stock to
connect the two servo racks. This prevent the racks from moving and secured
everything to the pvc frame better. Theres some video of each movement below.
On this zombie I wanted to have the rib cage showing so I started out be making a
wire frame rib cage over the mechanics. I also made this guy with a 3/4" PVC back
bone base so it can be used on a zombie coming out of the ground or on a full size
zombie as big as me. I also made the chest wide because I like big human creature
over normal size bodys.
You can`t see it but the back is open for easy servo adjustments. I will just wrap
cotton around the wire and paint a brown color latex over the cotton. I add the
color to the latex to save time painting later.
He you see the rib cage completely covered in cotton. I paint the latex on slowly
taking my time to get a nice coat on everything. Notice how most of the mechanics
just disappears
Heres the openning in the back to get to the servos. And a few coats of latex later.
The front and back view with latex pretty much done. I`m going to cover the pvc
& frame pieces with latex also to try and really hide the guts.
The side views. So far the servos are holding there own.
I`m may add some hair and I still have to paint him. More to come.