Here is the stuff I made for the Staten Island Zoo Spooktacular this year. There
are three spiders all painted the same. There eyes are made of hot glue with brite
red leds in them. I also painted the eyes with glow in the dark paint so they should
look nice under UV light.
Two of the spiders are in attack mode anf the third is just hanging out.
This is one of the attack spiders. And all three hanging out in the yard.
This is the second ceiling crawler I`ve made this year. He was made to be installed
up high so he can look down with all the teeth and glowing eyes.
The teeth & eyes glow in the dark and you can see the brite red leds really light
up.  I can`t wait to see this guy installed and lit up at night.
Just some body shoots. We may hang some thing from the ribs for a falling apart
This is a weird bat with no claws and a snake like tail.
I also left the ribs showing and alot of teeth.
This bat is all ears and no claws. the eyes and teeth glow in the dark also
This my ugly bat with claws.
More of my ugly bat and my mean bat.
I took these pictures before I painted them.
I had this guy for a few years. Here started out as a papier mache project thats
been redone with latex and has held up really good for a few years.
This is my demon head from last year I painted it to look mean and in person he
looks mean. The eyes may have multi color leds in them.
A ton of teeth.
I took this picture before I added teeth and painted it. I have to get a picture
because this guy looks great and he is set up for a fog machine. I`ll post more
pictures when I get them.