This is a large Alien Skull that about 17" long 9" wide and 10 1/2" high. The jaw is
hinged so it moves up & down .
You can see the latex is still wet in the above picture. This is just the basic shape I
still have to add details.
More to come.
Yea I paid 79 cent for a 1/2" PVC fitting. I wanted to be able to use this skull as a
skull that could lay on the floor or as a head for a prop. So I used a 1/2 " pvc
fitting as connection point for the body frame if I plan on using one later on.
To connect the fitting I drilled 4 hole in one end of the fitting. I used these hole to
connect wire from the fitting to the frame at the base of the skull. The other half
of the fitting is for the 1/2" pvc pipe of the frame. I may use a screw to hole the
fitting & the pvc pipe together
I added some teeth to the skull. I used a mold making latex that turns red as it
cures. (I goofed and ordered the wrong latex)
I like the bottom of the skull better than the front.
This skull is starting to look like
something. I just have to fatten up the
lower jaw a little. And maybe a little red
led to light up inside the head.
More to come.