Frosts the Snowman with Diamonds in his eyes. This was a quick project to surprise my wife
for Christmas in 2003. I think she put the Frost away with the Christmas decoration that year.
ELVES IN THE AIR.  These two lost elves are minis of the life size decoration I made for the
school. I only made one set of polymer clay which I gave to my wife for Christmas that year.
12'' PENGUINS was sculpted using modelling clay. I then made a mold of it and so far made
about 15 different penguins. I made the first few out of a 2 part foam. I also made some out of
plaster. The first foam penguins were for a Winter Sweet Sixteen Party table decoration. Stick a
cigar in it's mouth and it looks really cool.
Bad Santa came from a cartoon I saw some where. I made a bunch of these and used
them as gifts. I killed the mold from using it. Were fun to make and give.
SANTA STATUE made to give away as Christmas presents. I made the original of polymer clay
which was used to make a mold. Then I made about 10 statues with base and a 20 with no
base to use as ornaments. I really like this Santa because I forgot I made it and started making
another sculpture of it. Good thing I found the mold on the shelf.
Here is a Sweet Sixteen
ornament that wasn't used.