Here we have Fiends without a Face. Both are made of polymer & magic sculpt. One is for a
shelf and the other hangs from the ceiling.
This is the clown Pennywise from the movie IT. I made it for
my nephew. All polymer clay on a wood base.
The first picture is a flying creature from the movie Virus.
This is one of the female zombies from Return of the Dead ll. Made of polymer clay.
Here we have one of two Face Huggers I made a few years ago. Both are made of polymer clay
and hang from the ceiling. This one had legs that looked more like bones. I gave the other one
away to my brother in law.
One of two Slimers I have hanging in my work area. Both are made of polymer clay.
This is my pymmie mummy from the movie The Mummy. Made of polymer clay.
This is a spider creature from the movie The Mist. Couldn't find to many
pictures of this guy. I think its all Magic Sculpt.
Above are some pictures of the Spider Head from the Movie The Thing. This was one of my first
A creepy Rabbit from an old movie.
Sta Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbuster Movie.