Here are pictures of some of my projects before they been painted. I use any polymer clay I found. Thats
why some are different colors. I have a bunch of clay and just grab any color when I start something.
The first two pictures are a creature from the Movie A Fiend with out a Face. A horror movie from the old days. The last
picture is of some cartoon characters heads. I learning so making just heads is good practice.
I used pink clay on these heads. You can see some green in the picture on the left. Some time I like the
unpainted figures better then the painted.
Franken Bart and a rabbit. I added a Homer head to the base of Franken Bart.
Here is one of my favorite projects. There is a resin model of a cartoon by the artist Coop called Trick or Treat. I change it a
little by using the Simpsons.
The worm thats been living of the apple for too long. Its amazing that this creep is still in office.