Here are some projects that I`m making as background prop for my displays this
year. None are finished yet but you may get some ideas out of them.
This guy will be a rat when he`s done.He`s about 24" long and 5" high. And he`s
part of the pirate ship display.
This is my 4' long snake skeleton. He`s needs teeth and some features added to his
face. another pirate display item.( may end up with the witches)
Here is one of many skull that just hang on the wall. Like a picture with no
frame.He needs color and maybe some eyes. Its full size if not bigger than a
human head. Also needs a nose job.
My pet fish is one of three (two on the way) to be used on the pirate display. He is
20" long and will get small fish like teeth. More coming soon.