Heres the wire frame of my bat project. I plan on making a bat with brown beaten up wings with claw
and the bones in the rib cage exposed. I made two point on the back to connect string for hanging .
Heres some side views.He`s going to have a long rat tail.
This bat is a cross between a bat & a rat. The wings and head are all bat. The tail ,legs and claws are the
rat parts.
Here I wrapped the ribs with cotton to build them up and then I used paper towels on the wings. If your
going to use paper towels like this try and get a paper towel thats has no imbed designs. If you look
close at the wings  you can see what I mean. The ears and face will get more detail using cotton and
latex. Also a big  bat/pig nose with a mouth full of teeth.
I`m going to build up the legs with cotton for muscles and some hanging skin . The claws will be bent
out facing the front in an attack mode.
I added the legs and claws but still have to shape them better. The wings got  more latex and some
cotton to give them the dead skin look.
Here you can see the teeth with the first coat of latex. I made the teeth with pieces of cotton rolled into
a toothy shape. Then used latex to glue each tooth and once the latex dried I applied a coat of latex to
each tooth.
The view from down under show the rib cage and a better view of the teeth. And the back of the wings
which nobody going to see much of.The bat is 16" high with a 11" tail and  has a 20" wingspan.
I added some brown to the latex. Next I`ve to air brush him.