Heres my latest project a bone cage for my witches display. I`m going to make
some type of creature to put into it. It`s 19" high and 12" across. I used wire,
plastic tubing, latex , cotton & Viva towels to make it.
Above are some close ups. The string was added later for looks  and isn`t doing
anything. I still have to added some darkness to the bones.
I cut pieces of plastic tubing about 12" long ( they don`t have to be exact) Then I
cut pieces of wire about 20" long. I placed the wire in the tube leaving extra wire at
both ends. I then bend the wire at the ends to make a heart shape loops at each
end. Any wire not used for the bend was wrapped around the tubing.
Next I used cotton to cover the heart shape wire at the ends of the tubing to give it
some mass. Once I had all the cotton on I covered the cotton with latex using a
brush. Above is some pictures of the latex drying. Notice that I used a piece of
plastic as a surport in the center of the bones. This made adding latex and drying
easyier and kept the tips of the bones from touching.
Once the tips dryed I used paper towers and latex to cover the rest of the tubing. It
was easy to do the centers of the bones because the tips or ends of the bones kept
the centers raised.
Heres some drawing of the wire frame I attached the bones too. I used 18 gauge
wire to make the frame but if you want it strong I would use a lower gauge wire.
The lower the wire size the thicker the wire. ( I was lazy and use what was in arms
reach) I also doubled up on the wire which works too.
Above is the top of the cage drawings.I just ran some wire across the top. Also I
made a loop in the center for hanging.  Once I made the wire frame I used wire to
connect the bones to the frame. after I connected all the bones I added a couple of
coats of latex. And when that dried I used some string to wrap around were the
bones touched the frame and each other.
I added the creature to the cage. I have to dress him a little. just some rags and
maybe a little paint to his face.
This guys pretty much done. Guess I was wrong
Looks like somebody got a get out of jail card. I found this  monkey at my local
KB store. His name is Joe Blow The farting Monkey & he made by
Gemmy(30804). I pulled him out of a 2 dollar bin. Once I added batterys he came
to life kicking his legs & singing. He also has a pull my finger switch that activate  
Two mintues later I skinned him showing off alot of cool things to play with. The
first thing I noticed was how easy his feet came off. He also has a photo cell in his
foot. It looks like he has 3 motors and one speaker thats pretty loud. The motors
operate the feet , neck & the mouth. If I had some time I would operate all the
motorsthru some type of controller ( Basic Stamp) but I`m going to just creep him
out a little and cage him.
I remove the old legs and added some new longer legs with nice claws. I also
added some long arms to hold the bars.
A side view & on the right is the pull my finger switch which turn out to be two
contact with a piece of string. I`m going to use the switch to start him but I may
put a switch on the speaker. He sings & talks about farting so it won`t fit into my
witch display but the leg movement is great for rocking the cage. I will try and get
some nice sound effects for the mouth movement.
The neck also has pretty cool  movement. Maybe next year I can really hook this
creature up.
I added a head , arms & a little skin. The eyes light up
The everything still moves nice  and the eyes light up pretty cool. The neck still
moves with a latex skin over it. The two creatures hanging out. I should have
made two beer cans. Theres some Video of this creature doing his thing below.
more to come.