The idea is to build a controller I can use for any project or prop by just changing
some wires and a little programing (very simple programming).I`m using a Basic
Stamp II as my main brains and a Basic Stamp I as a slave. I`m going to make a
terminal block for input (sensors) and a terminal block for outputs.
I added a piece of plexi-glass on a hinge so I`ll have three place to mount
components.(front & back of plexiglass and in the cabinet) Most of the
components are build already. I also drilled holes for five line voltage female  
plugs(these are outputs) located on the bottom of the box. Next to it is the line
voltage supply voltage( 120 volt plug). In the picture on the right you can see I
install a terminal block for all the line voltage stuff. I wanted to keep that
separated from the low voltage stuff. (less smoke that way) I installed the basic
stamp II carrier board(on the right) and a wireless receiver board on the left.
On the top Panel I added a Stamp Strecher. This is an old board I had laying
around that adds something like 16 I/Os to the Basic Stamp II. Also on the top
panel I added a relay board , a board for some inputs to the stamp And some
terminal boards. On the bottom panel I added a 12 volt dc main power supply,
with some smaller  voltage boards ( 9v, 5v & 3 v ).
The picture on the left is a close-up of the Stamp Strecher.On the right are the
power supply boards. The big blue board is the main 12 vdc main power supply.
The other two are 9 & 5 volts. I have a 3 vdc board to install also. I haven`t played
with this stuff in 10 years so I `ll have to wake up some brain cells.
Heres an old control board I just took
apart for parts. This was the brains to a
little robot called random. I called it
random because it changed so much. It
could move  50 pound with easy. More
to come. Frank
The relay board above will be used to switch the female plugs located on the
bottom of the panel. I mounted it on the back panel next to the 120 vac terminal