I made a few FCG but I wanted to do something a little different. I then saw a crank skeletion in the
H-list Halloween 03  video disk #1 Robert Beech`s Brandy Wine Cemetery.(I think it was a crank
skeleton anyway. Thanks for the idea Robert.) I made the frame of wire and build it up with cotton then
covered it with latex. The body is lite and moves pretty cool. The head looks one way then the other.And
I installed glow in the dark eyes with leds. So even when the powers off  he`ll look mean.
I plan on putting a black light on him so I have to play with colors to get a great effect. I`ll use black
string  and plan on adding cheesecloth  under the arms like a cape.
I`m using a cheap motor to drive the crank.I may get something a little bigger if I add more weight to
the body down the road. He also needs some teeth.
I had to make the eyes a little smaller so I used a piece of clay attached to wire and some  plaster to
make a mold .You can see I used a Jello cup to whole the plaster as I set the clay eye. Five of the eyes
are glow glue sticks the other two are regular glue sticks. The other picture is the two different glue
I then drilled a hole the size of the led I was using .
Once I tested them and like the effect the led gave
the eye I hot glued the leds in place. I didn`t mount
the battery in the skeleton because I only use
batterys to test projects. I`ll leave the wire hanging
 to anchor the body and keep it faceing forward.
Also I like to shut every thing down with the least
work. One transformer will control alot of devices.
I got the glow glue sticks at
Here is my first completed project fo the 2004 year. I ran the crank for about 8
hours now without a problem so this guys done. He looks cool under black light
also. Check out the very short video.  
3 meg video   Crank002