This is one of my army of creastures that I have no idea what I`ll use them for but
they  look cool.This guy got a big head that needs some major teeth and horns.
There not detail to the face yet.But if you check out the feet I think a tree monster
may be my next creature. Also for those people into building village stuff the tip
of tail on this guy reminds me of a tree. Some wire a little latex and you got cheap
I starting adding details to this creature. The plan is to add vertrbrate from the
back of  the head to the end of the  tail. I useds pieces of cotton to make the bones
and latex to glue it in place.
A close up of the spine on the left. On the right I started to build up the bones
This creature stands on its own and rocks really cool when its touched. On the
right is the knee joint.
I have to add more vertebrate to the tail.And a shot of the head that I haven`t
made any plans for yet.
I completed the tail and closed up the lower jaw. The jaw opens and closes easy.
I added some teeth to the lower jaw & completed the feet. More to come.