about 2 meg
Crooner is my second crank skeleton so too make him a little different he will talk. He has a stepper
motor in his head that moves his mouth. I build Scary Terry`s stepper motor sound driver circuit last
year but never used it. I also purchased a few of the kits with all the parts to save time. The eye have
leds in them and I will paint him for a black light. The ribs are made of plastic tubing with wire in it to
hold the shape.
I added arms and hands to complete the frame part of the project. In the side view you can see the
heads not finished. I plan on leaving the head open so I can adjust the motor.
The picture on the right show the shoulder joint. (the arm is the clear tubing) The other picture is a
simple 3 finger hand.
Here I covered the frame with cotton then added some latex.The skull was redone with cotton /latex to
build up the cheek bones, above the eyes and add some teeth.
A little skin and some color and this bad boys ready for the Crank. I think he needs more nose? And
Me and my monsters. I plan on running a chain to each arm so as the body moves the chain will move
up and down. I ran the new skeleton all day so the cheap motors can deal with the weight but they are a
little noise. Check out the short video ( about 2 meg)
Short video
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