The idea with this guy is to make a prop head thats ready to be mounted to
a pvc frame. I unstalled a 1/2" pvc fitting into the wire frame. The head is
about 20" high , 10" wide & , 12" deep.
The eye are glow in the dark with brite red leds in them. I still have to added
ears and maybe some hair. Oh and lots of teeth.
New meaning to the
phrase RED EYE.
I added some teeth and ears. I still have to do the bottom teeth and some hair.
This guy looks better in person. I think once I add a little black around the eyes
and in the nose I`ll have a mean demon.
I started adding hair by first using latex to glue it on then later I punch tha hair
into the head. The picture on the right is the punched in hair. It looks pretty good
for a first attemp.
I was going to added more hair but I'll wait till I detail the face a little.
Heres a picture of my hair punching tool. Its a very high tech tool. I took a sewing
needle and cut a piece of the eyelet for the tread of on a angle. I used a file to
make the two points more needle like. I installed the needle in a cheap ball point
pen tube with a little glue. I just push the hair through the head so there was some
hair inside the head. Later I applyed a coat or two of latex on the inside of the
head so the hair would be glued in by the latex. More to come.