Here a rough drawing to give me some ideas. On the right is a rough wire frame.I
made the frame out of 16 gauge galvanized wire . It comes in 100` rolls or 1 lb
rolls. I paid $3.50 per roll at my local hardware store.
In the picture above you can see the ear bone are covered with latex. I did this by
wraping the wire frame of the bones first with cotton.I took a bag of cotton balls
and unwrapped the balls. They unwrap to 5" or 6" pieces of cotton that I wrap
around the wire. Once I have it wrapped I apply mask latex with a brush, The first
coat of latex  applied may not cover everything. It basic purpose is to sercure the
cotton to the wire frame and to hold the shape .
What your looking at in the picture above it Viva paper towels covered with a coat
of latex. ( I use VIVA towels because after the latex drys it looks like dry stretched
skin)The first thing I did was take a few sheets of paper towel and tear the cut end
away. I did this because the cut ends leave a line when the latex drys.The jagged
ends tend blend in better. (This is the same thing with papier mache)  Next I
brushed some latex over the the wire frame. Just enough latex so I could place a
piece of paper towel over the frame. The idea is to let the latex on the frame glue
the towel to the frame. Once the latex drys it turns a little yellow than you can
paint on a second coat over the attached towel.In the above picture you can see
the wet latex is a milky color and the dried latex is more yellow. If you look on the
right of the dragon head you can see a brown wing to another project. I used the
same method to that but I used a brown dye in the latex. By using the brown dye I
don`t have to worry about painting the wings. I`ll just add black in the corner and
seem around the bones to add shadows.
Some side views but I still have to finish the top of the head.
I mixed some yellow and blue dye into the latex to get green. You can see the latex
is a lighter color when its wet.The eye are two rubber balls that fit pretty good.I
used hot glue to hold them in place then I covered them with latex. The rubber the
balls are made of doesn`t atach to the latex so the eye can come out and be
replaced with a light. I also added the nose which is made of cotton covered with
latex. To make the nose I paint some latex on the area were the nose is going. Then
I took some cotton and shaped it into nose . Then I placed it into the wet latex on
the dragons head were I wanted the nose to be. Once it dried I add another coat.
Close up of the eyes and nose. On the right I added some teeth and a tomgue. The
tongue was a piece of foam that was stuck to the foam can.( The foam that grows
out of the straw when you finished using the can.) The teeth are cotton shaped like
teeth and covered with latex.
A side view and close up of the mouth.I also built up gums around the teeth using
Some back views of the head. On the left you can see the teeth and back of the
tongue .You can place a hose for fog in there. And on the right you can see one of
the eye balls which can be removed to install a light for some glowing eyes.
This picture is another close up . The ear flaps are about 22 from flap to flap.And
the heads is about 14" high.
The picture on the left shows the head after a few coats of latex. And a back view
on the right. Once I finish adding latex to the front I`ll do the inside. I do this
because if I want to push out an area of the face I`ll push it out apply some latex.
Once the latex drys that piece I pushed out will stay out.
Materials/Tools Used
1 roll of 16 gauge galvanized wire. (found at local hardware
1 gallon  Mask Latex ( I used very little latex so a gallon will
make alot of stuff. And I get it from MonsterMakers.com
1 Perma-wet ( comes in a bottle but you use very little)
2 or 3 bags of cotton balls. Check Drug Store .99 cent a bag
1 roll of Viva paper tower. 1.99

Wire cutters, paint brush and a cup for water.
Painting latex
To apply latex to my projects I use brushes I get from Harbor Freight Tools. The
item # 41338-ocwa and they cost 4.99 for 36. They call them 1/2" shop
brushes.There online at harborfreight.com or 1-800-423-2567
Above you can see some side views. I covered the eye with yellow colored latex
painted a thin black light in each eye. Then I used my air brush to spray a little red
over the black line. Just enough to show a hint of red. After it dried I brushed on
the perma-wet. I think next time I`ll spray on a sealed over the eye before using
the perm-wet to avoid messing up the detail of the eye with the brush.
I`m finished paint so this guys done. I went over his eyes and tongue with  
Perma-wet from Monstermakers.com that gives it a wet look.