This is either a dragon or a crocodile. I haven`t pick yet.  It`s 16" long , 9" wide
& about 10" high.
I started adding some skin. Still don`t know what its going to be so theres no
color yet.
I think its a dragon so I added a fitting to connect a hose for fog to the mouth.
The next thing is to make bigger eye balls.
You can see the hose for the fog is connected and I started working on the nose.
A top view of nose shape.In the second picture you can see what I used to make
the mold for the eyes. I brushed latex in the mold for two coats. Once I had a
good build up of a skin I added a coat of latex with a layer of paper towel then
another coat of latex all in one shot. This will build up the thickness ans make the
eye strong. I added some more layers of latex to build it up more. In the third
picture I added the eyes. When I made the eyes in the mold I also made a little lip
by paint the latex around the top of the mold. This made installing the eye easyier.
As you can see I took the anything that was cute about the first picture of the
dragon away. Once I added some horns, ears & big teeth this guy will look like a
true dragon.( I hope). I may build a long neck?
I started adding ears using wire that I wrapped with cotton to make a bone like
support for the latex skin.
I then covered the cotton with a few coats of latex. Once that dry I added my latex
skin over the bones. I used paper towel covered with latex as the skin.
Here is a back view showing the fog hose is also covered with latex a bit. This will
add more support to the hose connection. The ear flaps will bend to give the
dragon a little more character.
He won't be tying cherry stem in knots but it's tongue does bend. More to come.