I made this back ground scene to give the kids at my son's School something  
different at two of  our events. One is Halloween Bingo and the other is a Fall
Party. The 3 panels are 8' X 4' and hinged together with two pieces of wood to
keep it stable. We had someone behind it to reach thru the bars after the pictures
were taken. I wanted to add something under the bench to add a little more scare
but I ran out of time.
I painted the panels gray then air brushed the mortar lines in with black paint.
Then I added a little black & brown over everything to give it that old look. The
bricks around the window are made of 3/4" pink foam. I went over the foam with
monster mud made with the same color gray. Once it dried I went over it with
some of the gray paint then I air brushed over that to blend it all together.
The center piece has a wood base covered with pink foam. I used a hole saw to cut
the hand holes. Then I used a hot wire tool to shape the foam. The I used a brush
to paint gray monster mud over the foam. This is how I hide the seams in the
I didn't have time to build the full skeletons so I went with two rib cages made out
of latex & cotton over a wire frame..
Some pictures of the skull rings that the chains are connected to.  I used some
skulls I made of hot glue and a piece of tubing that I ran some wire thru to keep
it's round shape. I used the washer to secure the bolt in the skull with hot glue.
Here are some pictures of how I used the glue to hold the bolt in place. I also
applied some glue under the washer also.
The first picture is a before and after the final hot glue. On the right is a front and
back picture before a coat of black paint and then some dry brush of gray paint to
finish off the skull.  Once I made four of these rings I drilled two  1/4" holes in
each of the side panel and placed the skulls in place. Then I just added a 1/4"  nut
on the back of the panels to secure them in place. I also made the chains that
connect to the rings and secure the rib cage in place.