Flapping Bats
The plan is to turn this cute Halloween Bat into a flying man eater. I'm going to
use Viva Towel , cotton balls and Latex to redo the wings and add a little mean to
The first thing is to remove the black material from the wings by peeling it off.
Then I took some cotton balls and unrolled them to form  long pieces of cotton.
I then wrapped the pieces of cotton around the wing bones. When one piece of
cotton is finished I add another making sure I wrap in the same direction. Also
when you get to the tip of the wing wet your fingers with a little water and roll it
over the tip of the wing to keep it in place.
Sorry about the bad picture. After the cotton was on the wings I mixed brown
paint into a cup of latex. Once it was mixed I used a brush to brush the brown
latex over the wing bone. After the first coat dried I add a second coat of latex.
The first coat will take longer to dry, but the second coat drys quick. Now I'm
going use the Viva towels to cover the bone once the second coat drys.
Sorry again again about the picture. I then painted on another coat of latex. Next
I ripped a piece of paper towel in two. Making two piece as in the above picture.
Now I placed one piece of paper towel over one wing.I made sure the towel
overlapped the wing bone. Then I did the other wing. Once I had both pieces of
towel over the wing I press it on so the latex works into the towel. Once the latex
drys I will tear the extra paper towel off.
The picture on the left is after the latex dried. On the right you can see I just
pulled extra towel off and I also shaped the back of the by tearing.
Next I painted some brown latex on the bottom of the wing. I place the bat on it's
back to let the latex dry holding that form. Once latex drys it keeps the shape it
dried in. Again I added another coat of latex.
Above the second coat is drying and on the right the second coat is dried. I flipped
the bat over and it is still holding the shape. I then applied latex to the other side
of the wing. Then another coat of latex.
Next I wanted a tail so I drilled a hole in the tail and added a piece of wire thru it.
Then I wrapped the wire around the tail. This bat had the on/off switch by the tail
so I avoided the switch. I also bend the wire in at the tip to prevent sharp edges.
I then wrapped cotton around the tail and up the back. Once I had the wire
covered just like the bat wings I did in the begin. Next I painted latex over the
cotton on the tail & back. Once dry added more latex. Then I started working on
the face by painting latex over the face then I added cotton to build up the ears &
nose.  I try the bats flapping before I started the face and found that the tail
weight the back down a little. So I taped a Quarter to the face below the nose. It's
all i had at the time. Next time I would use a washer. Then I painted latex over it
with a little cotton and some more latex.   It dried and  the bat was balanced
again. I also try the flapping and it worked well. One thing I forgot to show is I
didn't apply latex on the joint that moves. I'll added more pictures later.
The face is get a make over with ears and some teeth. On the right I added the
Here are some pictures of the bat flapping. It flaps nice but it doesn't make as big
a circle as it did. Thats problem because it weights more but I'll take this bat over
the old one. Last year I wire two bats to a 3 volt transformer and that work out
well. I left both bat's switches on and I just shot the tranformer on/off using a x-10
Last year I made a little frame that I hung two bats on. This year I think I may try
making one with a swivel at the top. This may make the bats spin in a bigger circle
looking a little better. The wing flapping of this bat reminds me of the bat they
used in the old Dracula Movies.
I wired this bat up to a 3VDC power supply last year and it work nice. So I'm
going to give this bat a make over next.
I did removed the old wings and made the new wings really quick. If you look at
the picture on the right you can see the washer I just taped to the nose. It will keep
the bat balanced. I just grabbed the closet washer. If one didn't work I would have
added another. The first bat has a quarter taped to the nose.
I used cotton and latex to build up the face a little. The ears are just pieces of
paper towels covered in latex
The face is finished and ready for some teeth. I've added a few teeth on the left.
The teeth are made of small piece of cotton shaped like small teeth. I then glue
them in place with some latex. Once the latex drys the teeth are covered with more
latex. I take my time doing this by adding a little latex first then once the teeth are
stronger I'll added more latex.
I mixed glow in the dark paint with the latex to get glow in the dark latex. I didn't
think it worked until I shut the light and the latex glowed. In the picture on the
right I'm holding one of the cotton  teeth for the bat. I used that piece of wire to
apply the latex to the bottom of the cotton tooth. Then I place the tooth in the
mouth and let it dry. Once it drys I'll apply more latex using that piece of wire. I
use the wire because its thin and can get in between the other teeth easy.  Again
once the teeth get strong enought I'll apply a heavier coat with a brush.
Here are some pictures with the teeth all done. If you look really good at the
picture on the left you can see that there are two LEDs in the eyes. They light up a
little . The first bat has nice brite red leds that look cool in the dark. So if your
think about making some bats of you own check out the leds in the eyes before
you work on it. Also another thing to know is you should use some baby power
around the wings and the body. this will keep the wing from sticking to the body. i
haven't had that problem on these two bats but other latex projects did get stuck
together. I plan on painting these guy, but not crazy because people won't get that
close and they will be moving. I also will do something about the red power wire
for the second bat. I use what I had handy. There are a few short videos of both
bats below and one with both bats. The second bat is going to be connected to a
crank so he rise up & down as he flaps