Above is the start to my gorilla head project. The head is a little bigger than a
human head. I`'m going to use a 1/2" piece of pvc as the base. I attached a 1/2"
female pvc fitting to the wire frame by drilling holes in it. I than used wire to
connect the fitting to the frame. Now I can mount the head on any 1/2" pvc pipe  
base for storage or pvc frame body.
I added a skin made of mask latex & paper towels. These picture don`t do it
justice but they do show you the basic form. I used black acrylic paint mixed in
with the latex. This saves some time paint later. The lighter color on the head is the
still wet latex. It's a light grey when wet but drys black. I added alot of the features
with cotton & latex. The eyes are made of glow in the dark hot glue sticks I melt
into a mold. Once it drys I drill a hole in each eye for a led. In this case the leds is
brite red. After I drill the hole I place a led in it then hot glue it in. Next I wrap a
piece of wire( same stuff I use for the frame) around the power wire from each led,
Again I added hot glue to attach each eye to the piece of wire. This wire is used to
attach the eye to the head frame. I'm pretty low tech with supplys.
Another case of the red eye. The next thing I will do is finish the mouth adding
teeth and a tongue. I may added some black /grey hair to get some more practice.
In the second picture I closed up the back of the mouth..