Heres a picture of my tree head prop at night. I can`t get a good shot of this guy. but I really like the
way he looks at night. I have some stuff that really come to life  during the day and other things come
to life at night so it poeple looking.
Blood tombstone was cool.People would be walking by  not really look up (day dreaming) hear the water
and look over and bug out. It was cool watching someone take a double look and the heads turn around
as there walking. I also had a owl and cricket sound recording go off when poeple walk by.
My mother inlaw got me the talking tombstone that alot of kids liked.and thats another pop up I did pop
this year.
My tree head  lite up with the low voltage light.
One last picture notice my buzzards in the back. I never installed the motors to make them talk. Maybe
next year.