This is my third year haunting my neighborhood and this had to be the one I enjoyed the most.Once I
hit play on the Cd player my ship came to life better than I could have imagined. I started setting up the
first week of October and took off Halloween day to connect it all together.I was connecting wires up to
3pm. But once that Cd starting playing I couldn`t believe how good it look to me.
Now what do I do next year??? Below is some picture of my project. A special thanks to
the folks on both the Halloween-L & Methodzof madness list.
A night view of one of my canons smoking. This was the first time I really used the fog machine. The
timer really kick butt. I luckedout and got the timing just right for a cool canon blast.
The captain and his parrot singing.
This is my gun shooting sing pirate in action.
The gun shooting pirate different angle.
This is my drinking problem pirate.I plan on using a pump to keep him happy but the pump couldn`t
handle the the job.So I connected the hose going to the bottle to a yard hose and cracked the valve a
little. The water ran right into the porch gutter. The sound of the  water hitting the gutter made more
people notice it. Also I notices the seam in my gutters need some work.(something you can`t see when
its raining)
Another shot of the drinker and yes thats a power line. But its not close to the house only looks that