I made five of these cool looking bats that hang up side down from the ceiling. The wings are bendable
so I plan on shaping them all a little bit different. The two above have there teeth which will be painted
to glow in the dark.
These  two don`t have teeth yet.The one on the right is a back view.Notice the wires hanging from the
Two  group pictures showing them hanging out. All of the bats have leds in there heads to act as eyes.
And I`m using a cave eye circuit board to shut them randomly.
I put the circuit board in a box and installed two termal blocks on the top of the box to make
connections. Last year I used the eyes in a tree and the birds or a cat ate the wires so this was  just
spare parts. I plan on hanging the bats on my porch above my witches this year. I may make some rats
for the other eyes.