Theres was a good how 2 for this project but its not posted all the time.So heres a
quick how-2 for now.  The ball is made from 9oz clear plastic cups and 100 mini
   Materials you need
(50)  9 oz clear plastic cups Solo TP-9
(2)  indoor/outdoor mini lights of 50 lights
Electric Drill & 3/8" drill bit
5/16" stables
Hand Stapler
Above is a picture of the supplys I use to make
the lights. Solo 9oz clear cup model TP-9.
The first thing you have to do is drill a hole in all of the 50 Solo cups. I stacked 5 cup together to
save time. You have to let the drill slowly make the hole. If you push the drill it will crack the
cup. I cracked a few so don`t worry if you do.
Here I`m connecting two cups by stapling them near the rim. You have to connect 12 cups to
make the first row.
Above is the first row of 12 cups connected together . I use one staple where each cup made
contact with another cup. I think others have used hot glue and some even melted the cup
together. I`m to lazy so I use the stapler. The only thing bad about the stables is they rust after a
year or two. I see the rust people checking out the light never see it. And these are easy to
make so I`ll make more when it get noticeable.
Here I`m adding the second layer of cup. This layer consists of nine cups that sit on the first
layer. The first cup is stapled to the cup its resting on. Staple it the same way you connected the
first layer close to the rim. Now add a cup next to the one. Connecting it to the first cup in that
row then to the cup under it in the first row. So every cup is connected to the cup next to it and
under it. Keep doing this till you have all nine cups on the second row done.
Here is both first & second rows done. Now the third row consist of four cups. The last cups do
not fit in exactly so you have to play with it. Worst case is you have to remove a staple and move
a cup a little. Do not go crazy trying to get all the cup lined up. You can`t really see the balls that
good till the lights are on and then they look cool. So relax and enjoy making them.
The part I like the least is installing the lights. You have to put two lights in each cup. Take your
time doing this because you can crack the cup. If a cup cracks don`t worry because nobodys
going to see it and the lights go in easyier when you crack the cup. (If any body does see the
cracked cup don`t have them over next year.) One thing before you start placing the lights in.
Check to make sure they work!
Now You need to make something to hang it from. I just took some ribbon that was within reach
and stapled it to a cup. You should use something strong that will last a few year. I used wire that
I stapled to a few cups then I made a loop so I could connect something to later. Some people use
a hole punch to make a hole then use a S-hook.
This is what a finished 1/2 ball looks like. Theres no lights in this picture because I didn`t have
any working light when I made this really quick how-to. Now you have to make another 1/2 and
once you install the lights and tested both light so they work. Staple the two halves together
leaving the plug hanging out. Also you can connect the two sets of lights so you only have one
plug hanging out.
You can make halve balls to mount on walls or fences.If you look at the above picture the balls
on the top are halves mounted on the fence.

If you happen to find the first how to on this project check it out there was a lot more ideas that I
don`t recall. (Old Age)
Good Luck