Now that the frame is complete I can add the cotton. The first thing I do is make sure all the ends of the wire are
bend in to prevent any sharp  areas. Next I unroll a ball of cotton and wrap it around the tubing and wire. I then
wrap another piece of cotton making sure I over lap the last piece. This will keep all the cotton nice and tight for
brushing on the latex later.I applied cotton to some of the ribs in the picture on the right.
In the picture on the left I have half the ribs covered. The other picture show the complete rib cage covered.You
really don`t notice the support pieces I installed between the ribs.I double wrapped some areas to build up more
bone. I can added more cotton later if I don`t like something.
My tools for adding the latex to the cotton are just a brush and a cup of water.I dip the brush in the latex and
lightly apply a coat to the whole project. I take my time doing this because if you go to fast the cotton will pull
off. I just want to cover everything with a light skin. This coat takes the longest to dry. Between coats I keep
the brush in the cup of water.This keeps the brush from drying. Also you have to keep cleaning the brush
because some of the cotton may stick to it. I also wipe the brush before I place it in the water.
This is what it looks like after the first coat dries. The second & third coats dry as you put them on.
Here somes side views with the second coat of latex still a little wet.
This is the rib cage after two more coats of latex (brown). I think I`m finished adding latex to this part. Next I`ll  
making the arms.