I`m going to try to explain how I make Skeletons using wire, plastic tubing & mask
latex. If you come away with a basic idea how I do it I`ll be happy. I'm not going to get
into the head or the hand & feet on this page. This will just be the rib cage ,arms &
legs. Bad spelling and run away sentences Thats Me. (SORRY )
3/4"  plastic tubing      11'
3/8"  plastic tubing      34'
#14  gauge wire          1    1 lb roll
#12  gauge wire          2    1 lb roll
mask latex                 1 gallon
duct tape                   1 roll
3/16 drill bit
wire cutters
The first thing I do is cut a 30" piece of 1/2" plastic tubing. This will be your back bone.Next cut two
pieces of # 12 gauge wire 40" long.
Next braid the two pieces of wire and put it in the tubing.Just like the picture above.
Now you unbraid 5" of your wire at one end.This end will become the bottom of your back bone. Once
you unbraid 5 " of wire bend each wire to form an upside down T.( like the above picture). The other end
will be the neck that should have about  5" of wire sticking out of the tubing.
Now cut a 6 1/2" pieces of 3/4" plastic tubing. This is the breast bone ( I think??). It will be located in
the center of your chest connecting the ribs.Mark one end T for top and the other end B for bottom.
Next drill a 3/16" hole 1/2" from the top of the other end. This is the neck end of the backbone.We will
be connecting the shoulders to this hole.
Adding tne shoulders is done by cuting a 64" piece of #12 wire and running it thru the hole you made on
the neck end of the backbone. Once you have it thru the hole wrap it around the plastic tubing once on  
each side. You do this be by wrapping the wire from the left around the tubing till its going towards the
left again. do the same with the wire on the right. Wrap it around the plastic tubing till its going in the
same direction as it came from. Now you shape the wire to make the shoulders by going 8" in both
direction than bend the wire down. By going 8" both ways you will have 16" shoulders.Now make
another bend 12" down from that bend and you made the upper arms. Whats left is the
forearms.(should be around 12") (THE NEXT PICTURE SHOULD HELP SOME)
You can see how the shoulder wire wraps around the backbone in this picture.Now you need to cut two  
8" piece of 3/8" plastic tubing.One for each side of the shoulder.Just feed the wire thru it till it reaches
the backbone.
Now you have to drill some holes in your Breast bone. Start  1/4" from the top and end 3/4" from the
bottom. Heres the numbers I used 1) 1/4" , 2) 1 1/4" , 3) 2 1/4" , 4) 3 1/4" ,5) 4 1/4" , 6) 5" , 7) 6".
These number are just a guide so feel free to change anything..