The Captain of the ship is 6 feet (plus) sports a patch over his left eye and has a hook for his right
hand.He talks and sings. On his right is his trusty parrot that sings along and flaps his wings. Above
the Captain in the crows nest is one of my pygmy mummies from last years haunt.
This fine lad was my first mate.( also the first pirate made this year) He`s made of a body from last
year with a new skull with hot glue eye balls that have leds in them.I could see there eyes lite up a
block away. The body was one of the first ones I made. It hung in the yard by the pool all year.
Heres the Captain again.He has hot glue led eyes also. He ate a singing xmas tree so he can talk. The
bird repeats everything he says and flaps his wings to the music.
The man at the wheel looks pretty mean during the day time but at night the eye really kick butt. The
wheel does spin.The plan was to make it go a quarter of a turn both ways but time wasn`t on my side.
This was my last pirate ( maybe I should say half pirate) this year. I didn`t paint the body due to time.
The guns are made of foam and the chain is plastic. He also has hot glue led eyes and talks.