Theres so much stuff going on up there. We have 2 Skeletons,2 pygmy mummy,2
Spiders,The Grim Reaper,A Dragon,A gargoyle . I think I went a little crazy with
making stuff this year. I forgot the wing demon .
My first gargoyle made of a wire frame
with a latex skin fulled with foam.the
wing move in the wind.Also made of
latex.led eyes & fog from mouth.
This was my first project this year the
white skeleton with led eyes and led finger
tips.I gave him some skin and wings
covered in latex. Painted red & brown with
hanging flesh. wings move in the wind.
Pygmy Mummys from the Mummy movie. Bright leds in there heads look cool at night.
These are full size wire frame/latex  Skeletons. I made 3 the other one on the porch
watching the door. Again there eye light up.
This is a small Spider I made with wire for the legs.Body made of foam then covered in
latex.Its about the size of a basketball.