The pictures above are the start of my new project rat with wings. It looks more like bat with tail but I
added the webpage already. My pretty basic wire frame.The wing span is about 29".
Some pictures after I added some brown latex for skin. The teeth , claws and face were not done yet.
The tail is long like a rat`s tail.
This is a nice attack shot. I want to make a bunch of these guy for my porch. You can see some spiders
in the back ground and the big spider on the right. I`ve got more but have to hide them.( Wife thinks
the basement should be for the kids)
I added some eyes,teeth and claws.I used four things to make this guy wire, latex, cotton and paper
towels. I used a brown dye in the latex for the body and glow in the dark paint on the teeth and claws.
Heres some different views to show you the wings. I used Viva towel and latex to make the wing skin.
Viva towels work really well for the dead dried out skin look.
Here is a nice back view and a close up back view. This guy reminds me of something out of an old
Batman comic. I must have seen something like it in one when I was younger. My next project is a
bigger bat like creature.