Heres some pictures of my dragon project.I wanted a small dragon to hang from the ceiling. It ended up
being bigger than I wanted. This is just the basic shape. Its a wire frame covered in  cotton/latex project.
The eye are glow in the dark hot glue .
A side view and back view.Sorry about the bad pictures I`ll take some more and post them.
A close-up of the face taking shape.The light green is the wet latex.It drys much darker. If you look
close you can see the tongue tip is not covered with red latex.You can see the cotton. On the right you
can see someone got some teeth.
Another picture of the head and on the right you can see the claws are starting to dry.
I added some red latex to the claws and a little paint to give him some shadows.This guys finished for
now I may air brush some scales in later. I think the wing span is about 30" and he`s about 24" high(
head to tail)