This is the start of my Rudolph the Reindeer Shows Sam the Snow Man. Sam's
head is made of a wire frame covered with latex. You can see the wire frame for
the hat on Sam's head.
Sam will talk and sing some songs from the TV show. The picture on the right is
the hat wire frame after latex.
I added some black latex to the eyes and placed the hat on his head. I'll attach the
hat later when I build the body.
On the left are the Heatmizer and Snowmizer with Sam. The Mizer brothers will
also talk and sing. On the right is the start of the body for Sam. The body is made
of a wire frame built on a piece of PVC. Then I covered the wire frame with fiber
glass and resin.
I added the head and a few more coats of resin. On the right you can see the back
view with the PVC in the center. Once I added the fiber glass and resin to the body
it really started to take shape. Sam stands about 5 feet tall.
This is Sam kicking back after his first Christmas. I plan on finishing the Mizers
brothers for next year. The head comes off the body for storage. The pocket watch
is made of blue foam and the chain is made of pipe cleaners and latex (mixed with
gold paint). The design on the vest is painted on. I'll post more as I build it.