I`m going to do the pirate theme again this year and wanted to add some monkeys to the boat.So I
found a picture of a spider monkey (on the left). On the right is a wire frame of the first one.He`s about
31" long ( head to tail)  and is 12" high on all fours like in the pictures.(hand to head)
Above is a picture of the left side.Doesn`t look all that nice in the pictures but once it gets a skin on the
wire it should look cool. The picture on the right shows the rib cage.I`ve not  added hands yet.
I`m trying to show how the mouth opens & closes but you really can`t see it good.Again when skin is
added it will look better.I may  have his mouth open & close for an attack look.With the right sound it
should be cool.
If you look really close in the picture on the left  you can see the way I hinged the lower jaw with wire.
It open & closes smooth. On the right I added some skin to the wire.
These pictures really don`t do this project justice. I just covered the ribs with latex so these bones are
thin. The legs & arms have a little paper towel and latex. More to come.
My monkeys got a big brother now. the eye came out pretty good. I think if I used
a small solenoid to just lift the shoulders a bit they would really look mean.
Added some teeth and they aren`t cute amore.The eye are made of hot glue with
leds in them.
A little red here. I still have to paint them.
A side view .More to come