Skeletal Spider
Heres one of my next projects the  Skeletal Spider.I plan on making a skeleton spider above is my first
drawing.The head will be like a skull with glowing red eyes in it.All the legs will be bones and the body
will be like a big set of ribs with spikes at the tops and sides.I`ll make a  wire and plastic tube frame
then add latex and cotton to add detail
Above is some more drawings of the body.The picture on the left is the top view and the picture on the
right is the side view and the skull head. I drew these on the train today so this is a new idea.(1/10/04)
Heres the wire frame covered with cotton and some latex over some of the body.
You can see the legs on the right side are just cotton .The spider body is 3 feet x
14" with the leg its about 4' feet wide.
Heres a close up of the main body where the legs connect.You can see the wire in
the back that will be covered in cotton and latex. On the right is a Picture to show
how big this guy is.
Now I have two good coats of latex on the spider.After a few more coats I`ll start
detailing the bones so they really look like bones.
I haven`t worked on the head yet because I wanted to see how the body looked.
And a picture of the back end of the body.I may make a creature thats inside the  
The first picture is of the bone joints on one of the legs.I going to build up both
sides than paint the area between the joint a dark brown. And a side view of the
Sorry you really can`t read my notes. I used a roll # 12 and #16 wire,4 bags of
cotton balls, about 20' feet of plastic tubing and latex. The notes on the bottom is
for an idea I have for the Spiders eyes. I plan on using clay to make an eye with a
bunch of circles on it. Then i`ll make a mold of it. I`ll full the mold with hot glue
let it dry and add leds. Light up spider eyes.