I made the feet using blue foam as the base and green colored latex as the skin. I
made the nails for the toes by cutting up some plastic paint bottle.Some cotton
and latex to fatten up the toes.
Above is the same talking witch head from last year on the new body frame
Above are some pictures of the hands holding the moving stick. I used wire for the
frame with plastic tubing to give it mass and shape.
Some cotton to add more mass.
I`m going to give her a wire frame to hang some rags on. The hands are starting to
look good. I have to add more details and some paint.
Here are  some shots of her in action. The arms move really good and the body
move some so this is looking really good so far. The eyes catch the light really well
This is one mean looking witch.Her sisters on the way.I can`t wait to see her
talking. More to come.
The sisters need a make over bad. I want to give them both gray hair. Gray shows
good under uv lighting. And I think they need a new paint job. I like the eyes but
I think I have a cool idea for making them more life like. Once I try it I`ll share it
with everybody.
Last year I had a tall thin witch and a short wide witch. This year both will be the
same height because I have a bunch of stuff thats part of this display thats above
them.The picture on the right is some heads to hang.There not painted yet.
This is how I want to set them up on the porch.I want to see the owl in the back
ground. On the right is my tree trunk. I`m using a 12" cement form as the base. I
may throw a pop up in the tree. I also plan on cutting a hole out for glowing eyes,
I added some wire to build up the branch for the owl, A side view of the tub.I`m
going to use papier mache for the brach to keep it lite weight.
Here is the glue I use and news paper. I rip the paper up. The ripped edges blend
together better then cut edges. On the right I added the papier mache to the tube.
The tree is drying and on the right the finished product. I may add some highlights
Here is a side view of the tree and owl. On the right  I made a chest plate that goes
right up to the  neck. I have to detail the chest with black to highlight the bones
showing.I was going to get new hair for her but I think this hair is ok.
Heres is a close up of the chest plate. There were no plan for this so this is on the
fly. Also the arms being bones wasn`t planned. More to come.
I built up her arms so that one will de raised and the other will hold a book. I
change the witch outfits to all black.
I have the second witch holding some heads instead of a book. I may make the
arm raise a little if I have time. Notice in the second picture both witches only
have one foot each. Had to save time some where.
Some of the back ground stuff. The tree with the Owl with glowing eyes and a
beak that moves.(just have to get the right sound) Also a slow pop up skull that
needs some work. On the right are the bats with the fading led eyes. The bats will
be hanging upside down a little behind the witches.
Look really close at the hand on the left and you will see 4 or 5 uv leds mounted
in the hand. These leds will light up the face and chest of the skinny witch. And on
the right if you look close you can see the 4 leds on the witches stick. They will
light up her face.
I know the faces aren`t that great but the uv leds make them glow really nice. The
skinny witch`s eyes look like shes blind. Now I have to finish the controller for
them. More to come.