Heres the start of a witch head. I'm planning on making a static head with two
different size eyes that glow & light up.
The above pictures show the frame with just the start of the latex & paper towel
skin. This is the very basic shape that starts really look like something when I
added the features later on. I'll work on the front leaving the back open so its
easier to install the eyes and hair. I also coat the inside of the head with latex to
make sure the paper towel is completely saturated with latex. This makes the skin
You can see the difference in the latex skin once you have a few coats of latex on
it. It gets smoother.
This is the bigger eye for my witch. I'm using some brown latex I had left over
from another project to make the eye. The lip around the eye gives me a place to
connect the eye to the head. Once I figure out what colors the eyes will be I`ll paint
I added the bigger eye and started working on the face features.I used cotton &
latex to build up the cheek & nose. The upper lip was also build up a little.
In the above pictures you can see I added a little detail to the eyes & put some skin
on the ears. The ear on the left look out of wack but it just needs to be bent in a
little. I also grew the chin a little & closed the mouth some.
The top of the heads been closed now I just have the back of the head But I have
to install some hair first. She also needs a tongue, teeth & some molds.
I started to add some hair. I have to put more on in the back.More to come.