This isWolfie he is 39" inch high and 5' feet long. He started out as a crank dragon project but ended as
a wolf. I may still build a crank for him but it would have to be a faster motor and maybe a little pop up
action.The eyes are deep inside the head and light up (red leds). I have not close up the back of its head
yet so you can`t really see them to much.
I`m planning on giving him some really big teeth and a nasty tongue. You can see his eyes better in this
picture. The legs, arms, and jaw are hinged like a crank ghost so this guy moves pretty cool.
Heres a back view with his tail.
I added some teeth and closed up the head now I just have to add some dead skin and paint .
I added more to the arms,legs and finished the claws.
Close up of the head before the paint. On the right is the finished product at least
for now. The body is completely flexible. The arms and legs move free of the body
which move also. He`s like a slinky with teeth.
You can see the 9volt battery hanging from behind the head.  I wire everything up
to different power supplys so I hit one switch and everything comes on or shuts
down at once.You can also see I mess up the paint on the  big tooth on the right. I
tried to go over the tooth with glow in the drak paint before the paint under it
dried. I`ll redo it in Oct. I haven`t really mastered paint and using colors yet.
Another close up and the eyes at night.
I hooked  Wolfy up to a crank that I was using for some other props and have posted a little video.I think with a
little adjusting and the right back drop it would work well. I didn`t have the leds in the eyes on and I see some
areas I would add more skin to to hide the joints. I also want to use a low voltage solenoid to open and close the
mouth. More to come .
See Video
See shortWolfyvideo
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